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A Response Finally

In A Response Finally on April 20, 2012 at 7:56 pm

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Ban Fo Thai KC Ban Fo Thai KC

Alexis McDaniel finally responds after nine days following the incident.

From: Alexis McDaniel
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Food allergy incident on 02/25/2012

Good Afternoon,

I sincerely apologize. I do recognize that this does not resolve the situation nor does it help anyone physically feel better. I pride myself in my staffs ability to take care of and anticipate guests need which were obviously far below acceptable standards. Like I told your wife, I am very familiar with allergies and the severity that they carry. Please don’t think that my gesture to comp your meal was a way of ignoring the issue. I knew that you all needed to get home quickly. Like you, I would like to handle this in house. Your needs are very important to us.

After discussing the incident with my ownership and management team, we have all agreed that $300 cash would cover any home remedy. I did offer to have medical bills taken care of the day of the incident, but your wife did decline. Unfortunately, because she declined, I am limited on what I can do. I am very sorry that this incident occurred and I do hope we can come to a resolution. Please contact me by email with a response.

Thank you for your patience.

Alexis McDaniel
General Manager

Fo Thai

  1. Our experience yesterday on Mother’s Day was terrible, although we dont have nut allergies, we do not eat pork. Our appetizer which we ordered was vegetable dumplings but received spring rolls that we cold in the middle and warm on the outside, so when the steam dumpling came, we got fried dumpling with pork despite letting them know that we dont eat meat. Our Shrimp was raw on both dishes, it was like placing shrimp in a hot sauce. The dish had no flavor. My drink was not served. The server had no interest or regret for the bad service, she simply did not care. She kept dropping cutlery every time she came by to clear the table. I did not even complain to her about the drink or shrimp only told her about the appetizer, I was done after two complains, I am not a complainer. I am simply not going back and will let everyone I know not to go there.

  2. I am sorry you had a terrible experience especially on Mother’s Day. For what it’s worth, being a Mother is the best gift anyone can have. Our goal is to let everyone be aware of restaurants just like Fo Thai KC who just do not care about their customers.

    Please help by passing this website to everyone to help spread the word on all Social Medias that restaurants just like Fo Thai KC need to start caring about their customers who help pay their bills.

    Spreading the word by banning Fo Thai KC will help other restaurants change their ways if needed since they are in the business of serving customers.

    They are going to be part of the Leawood festival and it is a shame that even the Chamber of Leawood was unsuccessful in contacting Alexis McDaniel about rectifying these types of incidents. It is a shame that the City of Leawood is sponsoring restaurants like these which indicate the care for the people in their community.

    Again, I hope your Mother’s Day was enjoyable expect for the fact of dinner.

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